Lucida SecurOffice™

SecurOffice Function List

Function Group

Function Description
Operation Monitoring PC Outside Operations Report of PC activities performed when not connected to the SecurOffice network
  PC Use-Non-Business Hours
Report of PC operation during overtime or weekend hours
  PC Activity Report of PC logon/logoff activity and application use
  Printing Activity Report of printing activity from PCs
  File Access
Report of all file access
  Email Sent Report of all sent email
  Web Sites Visited Report of access to all external web sites
  Outside Communication Report of all transactions between in office PCs and external out of office machines
Operation Violations File Access Violations
Report of attempted prohibited write, copy, delete, rename and make directory operations
  Printing Violations Report of attempted prohibited printing from PCs
  Application Violations Report of attempted use of prohibited applications from PCs
Reports Security Summary Report One sheet summary of prohibited access, operation violations, and emailing (daily, weekly, monthly)
  Detail Report Drill-down report accessed from the Security Summary Report
  Email Report Status Email notification is sent when a Weekly or Monthly Security Report is generated
IT Facility Management PC asset information Summary and list of PC SW, HW information
  Application list List of applications installed on PCs