Lucida SecurOffice™

SecurOffice Configuration


Lucida SecurOffice is comprised of the SecurOffice Server (Appliance) and agent (software) that run on personal computers (PCs). A Management Server, connected to an Internet switch/hub/tap, is the appliance package that manages the PCs, logs information and generates reports.


Agent software, installed on each managed PC, administers operations, operation authorization and finger print authentication (an option, requiring finger print sensors). Agent software is loaded from the management server and installed onto PCs. Because Lucida SecurOffice operations are available via a Web browser they can be viewed from any PC, inside or outside the workplace.


SecurOffice tracks and saves all traffic flow information including addresses, recipients, transferred data volume, duration and protocols such as email, Web and file transfers. Users can then view this information, from the Web, in selected SecurOffice reports. Although SecurOffice tracks email use, personal privacy is protected because email content is not monitored.



SecurOffice is an easy-installation and quick-deployment system that doesn't require technical expertise to deploy and operate. The PC prohibition profile is easy to setup (No need to define complicated security policy). Predefined summary and detailed security reports provide a quick view of security risks to your network. Advanced Web spreadsheets make data analysis easy and manageable. Remote upgrade of server software makes maintenance an easy task.


SecurOffice Appliance:


  • Small-sized Office: Managed PCs (Max 20)
  • Mid-sized Office: Managed PCs (Max 50)
  • Customize by number of Managed PCs, Server and Network load


SecurOffice Software Requirements


PC Management Agent Supported OS:


  • Windows98SE, WindowsME, WindowsNT4.0, Windows2000 and WindowsXP (One agent for each PC).


Management Console:


  • Windows 2000 & up, MS Office