Lucida SecurEdge™

The Power of Visibility


Why is visibility so crucial to your Business?


Before you jump out and spend your dollars to apply any security measurements for your enterprise, you need to know what's in your network.


  • You then decide what type of security needs to be implemented and why.
  • You need to know how your network and online assets impact your business.


Enterprise threats from within and outside are getting exceedingly sophisticated. As such:


  • You need to be alerted in real time when this happens.
  • You need to be fully informed, and be able to visualize the sequence of events leading to it and the overall situation.


You need to know...


  • Any probable Hack-in occurrences?
  • Where did it originate?
  • When?
  • How frequent?
  • Who violated usage policy and when?
  • Can you correlate Intrusion alarms with Traffic Information?
  • Who the Top Traffic Generators are?Who breached internal security and when?
  • Application usage and other statistics.


All this so that your Security Managers can have a better idea of what has been going on, what is going on, and what could possibly happen and prevent it.


Lucida's SecurEdge™ provides you

Visibility for your entire network


SecurEdge allows you to pinpoint abuse, violation or attacks so that you can determine their true impact on your business. In doing so, SecurEdge gives you in-depth analysis, right down to the individual packet level so that you are absolutely sure of protecting your asset.