Lucida SecurEdge™

The Network Security Challenge


Fact: Less than 30% of organizations are insured against Cybersecurity risks, and at least 50% of computer and network systems suffer successful attacks annually, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in business loss. And, more than 50% are not reported because of the negative publicity on image/stock. Attacks from within the organization are just as frequent as attacks from Outside.


There is no Silver Bullet to Network Security as attacks and breaches get more and more sophisticated. Existing network security is focused on intruder prevention or virus protection. With the ever-increasing value of online assets and government scrutiny, policy violations such as unnecessary or illegal access to/from outside sites of the corporate network poses increased liability. Greater emphasis is required on internal information management to ensure corporate assets are well protected.




A successful attack or policy breach from any one of the different sources can be devastating in terms of lost assets and good will. Lucida's SecurEdge provides you visibility of your entire enterprise network, Who has tried to hack into your network, Who breached internal security and when, who violated usage policy and when, its performance and its usage, and other statistics, so that your Security Managers can have a better idea of what is going on, and what has been going on.


It combines rules based Intrusion Detection with application and traffic usage & characterization to provide unique visibility into the network and security state, and as such, a level of security intelligence that is highly unique to ensure corporate online assets are well monitored and protected while the network is efficiently utilized without any network security violations being incurred.




The fundamental challenge is to ensure that employees use the network to maximize business efficiency without risking compromising important business intelligence, and that corporate online assets are well secured from internal and external breach and abuse. - Lucida provides such a scope and solution.