Lucida Insight® 2.6

Lucida Insight System Requirements


Lucida Insight is a multi-tiered, client-server architecture, comprising a full set of business activity monitoring and information delivery functions. It is built using open and industry standard components and protocols-XML, J2EE/JCA, SQL, HTTP/HTML, SOAP, JBoss, PostgreSQL, Apache, JDBC-for lower cost and ease of installation, integration, customization, and maintenance.


Lucida Insight includes the JBoss applications server and is designed to also work with BEA Weblogic. Lucida Insight also includes the PostgreSQL database or, optionally, an Oracle 8i or Oracle 9i database.


Platform Requirements
  • OS:Windows NT/2000/XP, Solaris, Linux
  • Internal DB: PostgreSQL(included in CD), Oracle
  • Java Application Server: JBoss(included in CD), WebLogic, Interstage AS
  • OS : WIndows2000/XP
  • Microsoft InternetExplorer 5.5+
  • Microsoft Office2000/XP
External DB
  • Oracle 8/9i
  • Informix
  • DB2-AS400
  • SQLServer
  • Microsoft-Access
  • PostgreSQL