October 22, 2004

Lucida Announces Release of Lucida SecurEdge™ 2.5


Lucida SecurEdge™ 2.5 provides Intrusion Detection and Traffic Analysis features

San Jose, CA - October 22, 2004 - Lucida Inc., www.lucida.com, today announced the release of Lucida SecurEdge™ 2.5.

Lucida's SecurEdge™ provides you visibility of your entire enterprise network, Who has tried to hack into your network, Who breached internal security and when, who violated usage policy and when, its performance and its usage, and other statistics, so that your Security Managers can have a better idea of what is going on, and what has been going on.


It combines rules based Intrusion Detection with application and traffic usage & characterization to provide unique visibility into the network and security state, and as such, a level of security intelligence that is highly unique to ensure corporate online assets are well monitored and protected while the network is efficiently utilized without any network security violations being incurred.


The Power of Visibility

SecurEdge™ allows you to pinpoint abuse, violation or attacks so that you can determine their true impact on your business. In doing so, SecurEdge™ gives you in-depth analysis, right down to the individual packet level so that you are absolutely sure of protecting your asset.


SecurEdge™ can detect the following problems in your network:


  • Intrusion Detection
  • Top Traffic Generators
  • Application Usage & Statistics
  • Usage Policy Violation
  • Intrusion Alarm - Traffic Correlation
  • Internal Security Breach


For more information contact Lucida Sales at 408-546-2120 or visit www.lucida.com.