June 5, 2008

Nissho Electronics launches a security appliance to prevent information leaks, for small to medium sized businesses.


(This is a translated summary of a press release by Nissho Electronics, originally published in Japanese on June 5, 2008. Translation was done by Lucida, Inc.)

Tokyo, Japan - June 5, 2008 - Nissho Electronics announced its launch of Lucida SecurOffice™, a security appliance to prevent information leaks, developed by Nihon Lucida.



Lucida SecurOffice™ is a security appliance that offers essential security functions, such as log monitoring, information leak prevention, encryption, and asset management, with easy functionality for everyone. Setup is done without IT/security expertise: Users only need to install the Lucida SecurOffice network, then the agent software into PCs, before using SecurOffice's functions to realize their security solution, at a reasonably low cost.

Because of the increasing needs to reinforce corporate governance and compliance, enforcement of information leak prevention and log management, which is one of general IT compliance, has become a a high priority task for many companies.

Nissho Electronics offers a wide variety of security solutions, per network segments or types of threat, to meet customers' needs. Adding Lucida SecurOffice to their solution line-up, means they now have an IT compliance solution to offer, for lease, to enterprises and small to medium sized businesses with multiple hubs/shops.


Lucida SecurOffice™ Functions (Summary)

  • PC Operation Log
  • PC Carry Out Prohibition
  • File Encryption
  • Reports
  • IT Asset Management


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Lucida SecurOffice 4.0G: From ¥600,000 (approx. $5,700)


Sales Goal

1,000 units per year


Contact Information

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Ebisawa at Finance•EBPM Div. ERP group
Phone: +81-3-3544-8302

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Ishiguro at PR group, Corporate Planning
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