July 1, 2003

Lucida Introduces Lucida Supercharger for SMS 2.0


Lucida Supercharger™ for Micro® SMS* gives the user unprecedented easy access to and flexible reporting control of SMS information


San Jose, CA - July 1, 2003 - Lucida Inc., www.lucida.com, a leading provider of business performance management software solutions, today announced the release of Lucida Supercharger for SMS 2.0.


The Solution


Microsoft's Systems Management Server (SMS) provides centralized software distribution, asset management, and remote troubleshooting over enterprise networks. However, SMS offers limited reporting options, which can prove to be inflexible and difficult to use. The SMS Supercharger extends and enhances SMS reporting to allow you to instantly and easily create your own ad hoc reports or use one of many available report templates-all using a standard Web browser.


With SMS Supercharger, you design your own reports using a simple wizard and Web browser. You can then freely manipulate these values in an Excel* spreadsheet, adding any standard spreadsheet formulas or functions for empowered analysis, decision-making, and management control.


The SMS Supercharger goes beyond enhancing SMS reporting capabilities by also allowing you to display data from other data sources. The user can easily correlate lease and depreciation data for any assets tracked by SMS and display this data in the same report. Also, the user can include information about other assets not tracked by SMS, such as UNIX workstations, for a complete asset management system.


Finally, the user can define event-threshold alarms and determine what action the event notification will take, whether e-mail, cell phone/pager message, or a message to another application. You may want, for example, SMS Supercharger to automatically notify you if a system is deployed on the network, which does not have an approved configuration.



SMS Supercharger leverages your current IT investment by extracting only necessary data from SMS and disparate data sources, including from the network itself, and delivering it to you in a customizable Web-based dashboard.


  • Leverage your existing SMS software investment instead of replacing it
  • Improve productivity by providing faster, more complete, custom, and ad hoc SMS reports, which lets you accomplish more in less time
  • Define your own exception-based alerts for instant e-mail/ pager notification of deployed equipment with an unapproved configuration
  • Automatically include data from other data sources, for lease, depreciation, or complete asset management




SMS Supercharger is an application, which runs on Lucida Insight® and includes these core features:


  • Real-time database, which aggregates, stores and manages your key business information in addition to SMS data
  • User-defined, Web-enabled spreadsheet directly linked to the SMS database
  • Easy-to-use wizards for ease of installation, configuration, database connection, scheduling, and business action alerts.
  • Shared/public and private folder support
  • The ability not just to download data, but also to upload data to the database at the same time
  • Business-action triggers, such as automatically sending out e-mail or sending a cell phone message based on a user-defined event thresholds
  • Library functions for automatically monitoring, measuring and collecting data from disparate data sources
  • Full administrative and security features
  • Graphs of key metrics tracked in the spreadsheet


*Microsoft Systems Management Server, SMS, and Excel are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.