December 7, 2007

Lucida Announces Release of Lucida SecurOffice™ 3.0


Lucida SecurOffice™ 3.0 prevents PC abuse and information leaks.

San Jose, CA - February 22, 2006 - Lucida Inc.,, today announced the release of Lucida SecurOffice™ 3.0 in Japan. The English/US version of Lucida SecurOffice™ 3.0 is expected to be released Q2, 2006.

Lucida's SecurOffice™ is an innovative system that prevents illegal PC access and information leaks as well as monitors network traffic, email sent and web sites accessed.

Lucida SecurOffice™ is comprised of the SecurOffice™ Server (Appliance) and agent (software) that run on personal computers (PCs). A Management Server, connected to an Internet switch/hub/tap, is the appliance package that manages the PCs, logs information and generates reports.


Agent software, installed on each managed PC, administers operations, operation authorization, and finger print authentication (an option, requiring finger print sensors). Agent software is loaded from the management server and installed onto PCs. Because Lucida SecurOffice™ operations are available via Web browser they can be viewed from any PC, inside or outside the workplace.

SecurOffice™ tracks and saves all traffic flow information including addressers, recipients, transferred data volume, duration and protocols such as email, Web and file transfers. Users can then view this information, from the Web, in selected SecurOffice reports. Although SecurOffice tracks email use, personal privacy is protected because email content is not monitored


SecurOffice™ has the following major features:


  • Information Leak Protection
  • PC and Network Abuse Protection
  • Security Report Generation
  • Agent Software Remote Download
  • Finger Print Authentication (Optional)

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