December 7, 2007

Lucida Announces Release of Lucida SecurOffice™ 4.0G


Lucida released Lucida SecurOffice V4.0G™, a fuss-free, admin-free, space-free security appliance used by small to medium sized enterprises to prevent information leaks and meet security compliance requirements.

San Jose, CA, USA and Tokyo, Japan - December 7, 2007 - Lucida Inc.,, today announced the release of Lucida SecurOfficeV4.0G™, a new Lucida SecurOffice series appliance for small to medium sized enterprises. SecurOffice V4.0G allows the user to capture the flow of information within the office to prevent information leaks and meet security compliance requirements, without the need of a full-time administrator.

Sales of Lucida's first SecurOffice security appliance (security exclusive server), released in Feb 2006 to provide information leak protection for businesses without a full-time administrator, have now exceeded 1,000!

This newly released Lucida SecurOfficeV4.0G™ offers enhancements including Windows Vista support, multi-language support, setups for even smaller sized enterprises (<10 employees), optional backup to an external hard disk, and ease of implementation.


Lucida SecurOfficeV4.0G™ Product Overview

New Features
  • Windows Vista support for client PCs

  • Multi-language support for client PCs (Clients with multi-language supported environments i.e.: Windows Japanese, English, Chinese, etc)

  • Automatic backup to dedicated external disk (optional)