About Lucida
Management Team

Chairman & CEO

Yasufumi Toyoshima


Yasu Toyoshima, President and CEO, founded the corporation and formed the core team comprising select members of his previous Fujitsu staff and other key colleagues. Previously, he was Vice President of the Global Software Technology Group, Fujitsu in San Jose, California, where his team pioneered the NMS arena of fiber optical and wireless network systems over 12 years. His group developed the industry's first Windows-based NMS, the first Unix-based multi-technology NMS, and the first CORBA based integrated NMS. He has also sponsored significant research projects at more than 10 universities such as Stanford, UC Berkeley and MIT, incorporating the research results into products. Before he joined FNC, he managed a software engineering research group and computer-communication integrated systems group at FUJITSU LTD, Japan, for 16 years. He received his EE degree from Osaka University, Osaka, Japan.


VP Corporate Planning & Operations

Eric G. Ku


Eric G. Ku has more than 20 years of management and software development experience in telecommunications and technology. Prior to joining Lucida, he was the senior director of the Global Software Development Group, Fujitsu Network Communications, which included product management and software development responsibility for Fujitsu's SONET/SDH, Access and Wireless NMS. Prior to FNC, Eric held various software development and leadership positions at Bell Northern Research, Aicom Corporation, and TRW-Vidar. He was also the co-founder of Aicom Corporation, a start-up company that designed and marketed the text-to-speech synthesizer "Accent" products. Mr. Ku holds a Masters of Computer Science degree from San Jose State University.


VP Software Engineering

Calvin Chen


Calvin directs the engineering of the company's products and system integration services. Prior to joining Lucida, he spent 7 years in Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc. where he held a senior management position in Software Engineering Department. He led a team to deliver cutting edge network management applications from Element Controllers, Element Management Systems to Network Management Systems. Those systems cross the lines from Transmission Access System, Broadband Transmission Systems such as SONET, SDH and WDM to Mobile Systems. Chen's depth of professional experience is supplemented by a master's degree in computer science from Syracuse University.


President, Nihon Lucida

Kazuhiro Kawai


Mr. Kawai serves as the President of Nihon Lucida since 2003. Mr. Kawai has over 30 years of experience in business/product development, sales, software development and system integration in computer, software and technology areas. Prior to joining Nihon Lucida, Mr. Kawai was the General Manager of Fujitsu General (formerly General K.K.), a subsidiary of Fujitsu Limited. As the executive of Fujitsu General, Mr. Kawai was responsible for product planning, business development, product development, sales of various software applications and computer systems. Mr. Kawai also served as a board member of Fujitsu Network Applications (FANP) and PICO. Prior to Fujitsu, Mr. Kawai held various technical and leadership positions at CTC (formerly Ito-Chu Data Systems). Mr. Kawai received his degree in Economics from Hosei University in Tokyo and Computer Science degree from Japan Electronics College.


Co-Founder and Member of Board

Dr. Ray R. Chen


Dr. Chen is the Founder and CEO of CITS Group Inc. "CITS," Century IT Services Group, is a USA Silicon Valley-based company providing IT training and consulting services for companies around the globe under a world-class integration management."CITS" has Chinese government endorsement and partners with China International Talent Exchange Foundation, China State Training Bases for International Software Professionals, China State Torch Program Software Technology Center/Parks, and Top-ranking IT enterprises in China. And, Dr. Chen is also the Founder and Chairman of Raytron International Group - a global high tech conglomerate specializing in software development, system integration, and education.


Dr. Chen was Chairman of National Council Members of Chinese Institute of Engineers, USA, Chairman of Monte Jade Science and Technology Association, Global, and Chairman of 7th Sino-American Technology and Engineering Conference. Currently, Dr. Chen is serving as an Expert of China State Administration of Foreign Affairs, and a Member of Regional Economic Strategic Leadership Team, Silican Valley Venture. Dr. Chen received numerous awards for his outstanding contributions in the fields of education and technology, including Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors designated September 10th, 1998, as "Dr. Ray Chen Day," and 2007 Peoples Republic of China Friendship Award. Dr. Chen also holds a number of honorary professorships at several universities in Taiwan, Japan and China.


Dr. Chen received his Ph.D. and Master degrees in Electrical Engineering and BS degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Santa Clara University, California, USA. He joined San Jose State University, California in 1983 and served as Chairman of the Electrical Engineering Department from 1989 to 1998 where he is a Full Professor.



Co-Founder and Advisor

Kamran Hasan


Kamran is the founder of Cresnet Systems Inc., an e-Business Managed Services Provider (MSP) that offers application and management consulting services to enterprises and carriers. His experience is focused in the Telecommunications and Information Technology (IT) industries. Over the years, his professional experience has included working with MCI, Concert/British Telecom (BT), TeliaSonera, Ericsson and Siemens. His career spanned a number of roles that extended to engineering, product strategy, product planning, product development, product management, business development, marketing and sales. His expertise is concentrated on various voice, data and Internet based wireline and wireless products, services and solutions for enterprises and carriers. He is the inventor of the patent, "Call Routing to Wireless Roamers in Mobile Telecommunications Systems". He received his BSEE degree from George Mason University, Virginia, USA and a Master of Science degree in Telecommunications from Southern Methodist University, Texas, USA.