About Lucida
Company Overview

Lucida develops simple yet powerful software solutions, which combine the full functionality and simplicity of the familiar Excel spreadsheet with accurate, correlated, real-time business information delivered via a standard Web browser to fully empower your best business decisions.


Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Lucida was founded November 2000, in San Jose, CA, from Fujitsu's core telecommunications software development team, and is led by Yasufumi Toyoshima and other experienced industry executives who form the management team.


Lucida Insight®

Lucida's flagship product, Lucida Insight®, adapts the spreadsheet to the Web and supercharges it with real-time insight by extracting and storing your critical business data and applying business rules with correlation and aggregation algorithms, to provide real-time interactive updates at the spreadsheet cell level. Lucida Insight® supports a wide range of strategic decision-making---from daily operations to marketing and strategic planning---all securely delivered on any Web-enabled device.